Mommies Just Want To Have Fun

Mommies Just Want To Have Fun

Have you ever thought to yourself that you are just going through the motions of everyday life and not doing what really makes you happy? Have you ever thought that your life could have so much more meaning in it if you went to college; chose a different profession; waited to have children or married a different mate? I have definitely had some of these thoughts. 

Being a Mommy is a full time job and it doesn’t often leave room for much else but there are harder jobs–trust me. According to Shawn Bean at he explains this in his article Mom Is Not The Most Difficult Job In The World. There are 24 hours in a day and I am determined to stop going through the motions of everyday life and start doing what makes me happy—starting with my first love, writing. Writing has always served as a source of therapy and healing for me. It has always allowed me to express my feelings when I was unable to say them out loud.

Mommies Just Want To Have Fun is me allowing you into my world of uneventful Mommy hood while juggling the other demands of life. My uneventful Mommy duties revolve around caring for my 5 year old daughter named Assata and my 2 year old son named Tafari with 1 on the way. Among the other things in life that I am juggling are my husband of 7 years; working 2 jobs; going to school; staying fit and making time to enjoy life and just have fun.

Ever since I became a Mommy it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me but my life completely changed. My friends were still single and partying and I was always at home changing diapers and breast feeding. Eventually as the years passed the invitations decreased and the phone calls ceased and I woke up one day and had no friend to call and talk to about my problems or unhappiness. I never went out because my excuse was “I’m tired.” I had the life that I had always dreamed of but I always thought that I would still have my childhood and college friends forever but I was wrong.

So in 2017 I decided that despite the demands of Motherhood and family I have to still live life—not just exist. So I started going out again and socializing and I felt fantastic. It is important to not just be a Mommy but to also take time and have fun and do what makes you happy. Yes, being a Mommy is a 24-7 job and you are always on call but if you have some free time do what makes you happy. Go workout; take the train into the city to see a play; have date night; go dancing; wine tasting or even canoeing. Do what makes you happy Mama!




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