Mommy You Can Do It: Car Seat Safety

Mommy You Can Do It: Car Seat Safety

Being a Mommy is a very important job. We make decisions every day. Not just for ourselves but for our children as well. Some of these decisions we make are ones that we regret but when it comes to picking the right car seat don’t let this be one of them. The safety of our children should always be our number one concern.

If you watch the news or indulge in the world wide web, then I am sure you have heard of car seats being recalled. Year after year it is happening with the only thing changing is the brand or the model. According to an article on, Graco recently recalled 24,494 car seats that did not adequately restrain children during a crash. The Graco My Ride 65 car seats recalled were produced between May and August 2014.

You may be asking the question how do I check to make sure that my child’s car seat has not been recalled? You can check any recalls with The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They have a search option which allows you to search your car seat by brand name and the model number is optional.

So how do you check to make sure that your child’s car seat is safe? How about doing a car seat safety check to make sure that you are using your child’s car seat properly? Hal Karp from Parents Magazine wrote an article for entitled Car Seat Safety Check: 8 Common Mistakes you must Avoid. He states that four out of five safety seats are used incorrectly.

Car seats serve a purpose and that is to provide safety to our children. If your car seat is not being used correctly, then it will not be as effective. Please research the car seat that you want to buy and make sure you follow the 8 common mistakes to avoid while doing your car seat safety check.


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