Can you spoil a newborn? The CNN video above addresses this topic. As a Mom of two and soon to be mom again I have never believed in spoiling a newborn.

A newborn’s only method of communication is crying because they have not yet conquered verbal language—so what else are they supposed to do. They have no other way to communicate their needs so crying ensures that we hear them and boy do we hear them.

When your baby enters into the world you are getting to know your baby and they are getting to know you and their environment. By being attentive to your baby’s cries lets he/she know that they are loved and it also gives them a sense of security.

I always felt like everything was new for them and it was my job to comfort and support them as they adjusted to the new world that they were in. Holding them close to my heart was a good way for me to provide safety and security. This is necessary for a newborn and not to be viewed negatively. There is no such thing as a spoiled newborn.


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