How to Make a Meat-Free Sandwich


Once upon a time I was a meat eater and even when I first attempted to be a vegetarian I failed miserably. No matter what I ate I always still felt hungry or unfulfilled. Then I met my husband who is vegan. When I used to visit him at his house when we first started dating he would make these meat free sandwiches and they were soo delicious—I started asking him to make me one. I enjoyed it so much and I didn’t feel like I was being deprived or unfulfilled. This sandwich led me to my current meat free life style and it may also help you in whatever healthier choices you are trying to make. So how about making the first step. Start out doing “Meatless Mondays”—being meat free one day a week.  

Here is a step by step guide on making my favorite meatless sandwich.

First you will need to gather all your ingredients. I suggest taking a trip to your nearest Whole Foods store to pick up these items or any other grocery store that sells meat free items.


Here is a list of ingredients you will need:

* 4 slices of Lightlife Smart Deli Meatless Veggie Turkey Slices or you can use Tofurky hickory smoked deli slices which are my favorite

* 3 slices of Lightlife Smart Bacon Meatless Veggie Bacon Strips

* 1 Lettuce leaf

* 2 slices of tomatoes

* 2 Slices of toasted Bread

* 2 tablespoons of Mustard

* 2 tablespoons of Vegan Earth Balance Mayo or regular mayo

* 1 slice of Daiya vegan cheese or regular cheese (optional)

* Season salt or any type of seasonings you like

1. Separate the vegan bacon slices and pull out your 4 veggie turkey slices.

2. Add about 3 tablespoons of olive oil to a non-stick skillet on low temperature and place the veggie turkey slices and veggie bacon slices in the skillet together.


3. Add seasonings as they cook. You can add season salt or whatever you like.

4. Let it cook for about 2-3 minutes.

5. Put cooked bacon and turkey off to the side.

6. Toast your bread slices and spread your mayo on each slice.


7. Arrange the sliced turkey on one slice and top it with the bacon slices.

8. Pile on the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese slice and mustard, then place the remaining slice of bread on top.


Serve with chips or any other side item you like.


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