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Honesty is the Best Policy Mommy

Tafari honest diapers
Tafari in Honest Diapers

So, the time has finally come. You’re pregnant and expecting your first child and there are a million thoughts running through your head. “Can I really do this?” “I am soo happy.” “Am I ready for this?” “Is he ready for this?” They are never ending. Then after these initial thoughts start to simmer and the months start to pass you by and your belly gets bigger–you start to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

One of my major concerns in 2011 while pregnant with my first daughter was the diaper dilemma-disposable or cloth. I automatically knew that I wanted to use cloth diapers without a doubt. The harsh chemicals in the standard diapers was just something I refused to subject my baby to. But I wasn’t quite sure if I was up for all the work involved with washing diapers daily or toting around soiled diapers on outings. So, I did what any intelligent and logical mommy would do—I did some research to see if there were any disposable Earth friendly and harsh chemical free diapers on the market.

That’s when I came across the brand Seventh Generation. This quickly became my disposable diaper option. I also did research on my cloth diaper options and discovered all in one reusable diapers and I was sold. After purchasing these diapers, I was ready.

Afraid of the work involved with cloth diapers I packed the disposable Seventh Generation diapers in my hospital bag. We used these diapers for about a month and discovered that my daughter was getting consistent diaper rash so I immediately starting using the cloth diapers I bought. This eliminated the diaper rash but we had to wash diapers everyday—it was so much work. We did this the duration of the time that our daughter was in diapers.

When my son was born in September 2014, I became familiar with the Honest Company diapers and decided to try a free trial. Until the trial arrived we used cloth diapers for about a week. Once they arrived, we were hooked. He never had a diaper rash or any other issues so we continued to use these. I was elated! No more washing diapers everyday—it was a miracle. My son is now 2 and still no diaper rash. I love these diapers and highly recommend them to any expectant mom or those who have a diaper wearing baby that is experiencing diaper rash.

Tafari cloth diaper
Baby Tafari in a cloth diaper

Below is a list of my pros and cons of Honest diapers:

My Pros of Honest Diapers

-Gentle and pure with no fragrances, lotions or latex even for the most sensitive skin

-Plant based inner and outer layers which is gentle on your baby’s bottom

-Has a huge selection of stylish and modern diaper designs

-Contoured fit and soft cloth-like fabric

-Advanced leak protection

-No diaper rash

-They are biodegradable

My Cons of Honest Diapers

-A bit pricey

As you can see my pros of the Honest Company diapers outweigh my cons. No diaper is perfect but I believe that the comfort of not dealing with diaper rash and frequent pediatrician visits is worth every cent I pay for these diapers.



Mommy’s Baby Girl

Photo courtesy of flickr by Jason Lander

Dear Zahara Evelyn:

Three months ago, I never would have imagined that I would be having a brand-new baby girl due on Halloween. After three pregnancy tests confirmed that you were indeed real and not just a figment of my imagination—I was stunned. Your father did not believe it was so—even after three pregnancy tests. We both were in shock because this was not planned. But despite the unforeseen circumstances, we only had one choice and that is to love you and welcome you into the family.

We just knew you would be a boy and your father made sure that your big sister and big brother understood they were having a baby brother.  So, when it finally came time for us to have your five-month ultrasound we all were in shock. The ultrasound tech shouted, “It’s a girl!” “Wait. What….” I thought that I was dreaming. Your dad had convinced me that you were a boy. I even had a name picked out. The perfect name– Assad Talib. In that moment, I didn’t care whether you were a girl or a boy, just that you were healthy and that you were indeed. But I would be lying if I was bummed out about having to think of a new name.  

When we got home and informed your siblings that you were a girl and not a boy—mixed emotions appeared. Assata, your big sister was elated and started jumping up and down. Tafari, your big brother calmly said, “baby brother.” “No, baby sister,” I explained. “Baby brother” he continued. That was about two weeks ago and he has now come around and understands that you are his baby sister. He even kisses my tummy.

We can’t wait for your arrival Zahara Evelyn. I named you Zahara because it means shining; flower. Names speak life into people and my hope is that you will shine in whatever you set out to do and be as beautiful as a flower in bloom. Until we meet my love, keep jumping all around in my tummy. Mommy loves you, more than you will ever know. See you soon baby girl.

Love Mommy



Can you spoil a newborn? The CNN video above addresses this topic. As a Mom of two and soon to be mom again I have never believed in spoiling a newborn.

A newborn’s only method of communication is crying because they have not yet conquered verbal language—so what else are they supposed to do. They have no other way to communicate their needs so crying ensures that we hear them and boy do we hear them.

When your baby enters into the world you are getting to know your baby and they are getting to know you and their environment. By being attentive to your baby’s cries lets he/she know that they are loved and it also gives them a sense of security.

I always felt like everything was new for them and it was my job to comfort and support them as they adjusted to the new world that they were in. Holding them close to my heart was a good way for me to provide safety and security. This is necessary for a newborn and not to be viewed negatively. There is no such thing as a spoiled newborn.